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Platinum Strategies:

Platinum Strategies is a Nottingham based firm providing a holistic approach to financial planning for both individuals and businesses.

We are committed to helping you reach your financial goals by working with you to identify your objectives and building a financial plan within a timeline to achieve those goals.

There are so many different objectives that clients have and at Platinum Strategies Ltd we believe in creating a financial plan that is bespoke to you as an individual. We Will take you through your journey to create a plan that meets your objectives, protects your family and underlying all this will be looking at ways to minimise your tax thereby giving you increased net income. We also work with businesses in helping to identify tax planning opportunities towards remuneration packages, employee benefits packages, protecting the business owners and exit strategies.

There may be requirements to implement products that help to meet your objectives.  Platinum Strategies Ltd is not able to recommend or implement product arrangements for you as we are NOT an authorised firm by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

We have collaborative partners who can help you with writing your Will, Powers of Attorney, Shareholder Agreements and Probate matters, implementation and recommendation of suitable regulated products, Accountant, business and personal coaching and development as well as many more specialists who are available to assist with growing your company.

Lynda Croome:

Lynda has worked in financial services for over 20 years in a variety of roles including independent financial adviser, broker consultant, compliance manager, pension specialist and financial planner.  Lynda has focused latterly on financial planning as she believes that with a financial plan and goals you have a pathway to your journey. 

Lynda now focuses on building a strategy and developing a financial plan with clients.  Lynda believes that if you identify your goals and have a pathway to achieving those goals then you will be successful in achieving your dreams. This is easier said than done and with the experience that Lynda brings by helping you to identify those goals and developing the strategy you can achieve all of your dreams.

Lynda has a strong ethic for working with clients on their goals and balancing this with her family.  Lynda has two children and is committed to making their dreams and goals happen.   In her spare time Lynda likes to socialise with her partner and her friends enjoying spa days, rock music, walking and keeping fit. 

Lynda is also an active member of the local scout group and being on the Executive Committee in the role of Treasurer.  Lynda also is involved with fundraising often found behind the bar and assisting at scout events with the young people.

Lynda has also successfully organised and ran 3 charity balls in support of local disabled children and cancer charities.  These are organisations very close to her heart through personal experiences.  Over £20,000 has been raised.

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Our Services Include:

Retirement planning | Education Planning | Personal Protection Planning | Business Protection Planning | Estate Planning | Tax Planning | Savings and specific goals