"Find the peace of mind you always wanted"

We offer a holistic approach to financial planning because life is about much more than money!

Retirement Planning:

Its never to early to start considering when you might wish to retire and what your retirement looks like.
At Platinum Strategies we will help you to build that picture and identify what actions you will need to take in order to make those dreams come true.

Education Planning:

You may be thinking about private education for your children (or grandchildren), whether that be from primary age, secondary school or funding for University.  Planning those costs into your budget is crucial especially as this may impact on other goals and objectives that you may have.  We can assist with working out a strategy to make these goals happen within your budget and asset facilities.

Personal Protection:

Do you know how much capital and income your family would require in the event that you were to prematurely die or to suffer a long-term illness or disability.  At Platinum strategies we can forecast the financial implications and identify the shortfalls (or surpluses).  Once we have analysed this you are better equipped on knowing what and how to address this.  Our collaborative partner can assist with any insurance products that may be required. 

Business Protection:

As important as understanding the financial implication on the family it is also important to understand the implications of a premature death or disability of a director, shareholder or key person within a business.  By identifying the financial implications you are then equipped to address the issues.  Our collaborative partner can assist with any insurance products that may be required.  We also can assist with the wording for agreements that should be in place for the directors and shareholders.  To not only protect the individuals but also the business and the respective families.

Estate Planning:

We don’t like to think about the time when we will n longer be here but it is one of the certainties in life.  The other certainty is taxes.  By understanding the value of your estate and how you wish to distribute this to your beneficiaries we at Platinum strategies can identify the potential Inheritance Tax liability and ways to mitigate this liability.  In addition, helping you to construct your Will so that your estate is distributed in the way that you want it be.

Tax Planning:

At Platinum Strategies we over view all of your financial planning and where can help to minimise your tax liability we will develop a strategy to do so.  This could be with regard to your personal income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax.  It is a fundamental aspect of financial planning that by reducing your tax burden you have more readily available assets and income to meet your goals and objectives.